Welcome to the Center for Cyber Physical Systems!

We have been awarded an NSF RAPID grant to train Covid-19 first responders!
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Special Project to help autistic student community

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Our state of the art Center is unique for its research, education and outreach activities which emphasize an Information Centric Engineering (ICE) perspective involving adoption of Cyber Physical System (CPS) concepts, principles and technologies across various fields of engineering and medical systems.

There are several labs which are part of this Center. They include:

We have pioneered information centric research, educational and outreach activities in traditional and emerging areas of engineering, medicine and other domains. Our Center’s unique perspective and expertise revolves around Next Generation smart technologies and related modeling, simulation and exchange approaches for a range of process contexts. Some of our notable achievements include:

  1. developing the first cyber physical and Internet-of-Things (IoT) test bed for advanced manufacturing as part of GENI / US Ignite initiatives. Link
  2. demonstrating the potential of smart technologies in healthcare and medical education. Link
  3. developing autonomous coordination strategies involving UAVs for weather monitoring teams (as part of the multi-university CLOUDMAP project). Link
  4. developing virtual learning environments for students with Autism. Link
  5. designing deep space habitats in collaboration with NASA. Link
  6. Collaborative Goal and Policy Learning from Human Operators of Construction Co-Robots. Link

An open house was held in December 2016 for our new center! Read about our open house.

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