Bio Cell Manipulation

At CINBM, our current research focuses on INBM issues in the following subjects of interest:

  1. Micro Devices Assembly
  2. Small Satellite Assembly and Manufacturing
  3. Nano Manipulation and Assembly
  4. Virtual Surgical Environments
  5. Bio Cell Manipulation

Bio Cell Manipulation

Our interests lie in the study of a variety of issues in cellular manipulation which have application potential in bio technology, medicine and life sciences. Specific interests include:

Creation of physics based simulation environments using Virtual Reality technology (to enable doctors and scientists to understand various issues, for training and to compare proposed manipulating alternatives prior to performing specific physical activities involving cells):

  1. Our long term plans include the design and development of a test bed called the Manipulation Research Test bed
  2. The application context of our research includes study of neural cells, cancer cells as well as bone cells. These focus areas hold the potential for break through / innovative procedures which may help cancer patients as well help astronauts stay in space for longer periods of time.