IEM 3813 – Pre_Lab




MONDAY, AUG 24, 2015

Objective: In this lab, the students will be involved pre-lab preparation activities and become familiar with the following:

  • Understand the importance of teamwork, including respect, and communication while working as a team
  • Review a well-known tool (use of the Fishbone Diagram) and its use in an activity involving making paper airplanes.

Pre-Lab 1 Outcomes:

  • Learn how to work and communicate with the team members.
  • Understand how to draw an Ishikawa Fishbone Diagram.
  • Understand the concept of process improvement.

Procedure: The team will be expected to know when, which and how some of the tools discussed in class will be used to improve the paper airplane process.

  • Today in the lab, you will review the lecture material on the Fishbone Diagram
  • Understand these concepts (feel free to look up examples of Fishbone Diagrams from the web, etc.)
  • Introduce yourself to your team mates
  • Discuss your opinions and ideas about working as a team. Make sure to read articles on team work from the web. Identify a team leader or coordinator (make sure you do this for each lab activity and take turns in being this leader).
  • Optional: Look at videos of making paper airplanes to get a ‘feel’ for this activity (note you will be given a specific video link and a set of written instructions to follow a specific process for making airplanes)
  • For Lab 1, bring a ruler or measuring tape of some kind to measure dimensions (paper planes will be made using A-4 size paper which is your printer paper size)

Report for Pre-lab 1:


1.  Why are Ishikawa diagrams used in industry? Explain using an example. 5 p

2.  Read atleast one article about the importance of team work in engineering or team work in general. Cite atleast one article from the web and make sure you have read it. Write a summary of that article highlighting 4 or 5 main points from the article you read. Each team is allowed to share the same article. Note that each student is expected to contribute to atleast one point in this summary (if you team has more than 5 students, they are encouraged to write more points). Teams are encouraged to read more than one article. 5p