Your individual lab report is due at beginning of following class (or Monday of following week). Note if there are holidays on the following Monday, then turn them in Wednesday of following week at the beginning of that Wednesday lecture class.



Before your first lab session begins (Lab #1 involving the airplane making activity), each of you is expected to buy and bring a 3 ring binder / folder to class. Your documents and worksheets including the question sheet needs to be arranged in this folder.

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: When you submit your individual report, do not submit the entire folder to the TA or instructor.  Only give the printouts relating to that specific lab (remove the activity sheets and staple them before turning it in). Make sure to write your name on the question sheet (or page 1). After it is graded, please make sure to file it in your 3 ring binder.


Attendance is mandatory for lab sessions. If you miss a lab session and do not provide adequate documentation (or if the instructor does not approve a makeup lab session or activity), you will receive zero points.

Missing lab sessions:

Please do not ask the instructor or TA to excuse your absence unless it is for an official activity where you are representing OSU or a medical situation. Both of these need appropriate documentation which has been clearly described in the class syllabus. It has been explained that giving a small ‘note’ from the nurse or physician’s with a signature is insufficient medical documentation. Sending an email indicating you will be missing the lab for other reasons is also not grounds for a lab makeup session. If you have to interview for a job or internship, it is your responsibility to provide official email or documentation from the company who is arranging for such an interview or related activity. Simply sending an email telling the instructor that you will be at Company X on a specific date is insufficient documentation.

Depending on the reasons for your absences, the TA and instructor will help arrange a makeup session. If a given lab activity that you missed involved the presence of at least one other student to collect data, etc., it is the responsibility of the student who missed the class (and was excused for this) to identify the additional student or students to participate in this makeup session.  Such students need to coordinate such makeup sessions working closely with the TA.

If a given lab activity that you missed involves individual work related to software activities, you are expected to inform the instructor first and get permission to complete this as ‘make up’ work after you have received permission to do so. Subsequently, the student can interact with the TA to complete such software related lab activities.

Come to each lab session with your lab binder / folder:

The TA or instructor may collect these binders to do ‘spot checks’ to ensure student participation and progress. At any point in time, your lab binder needs to be current. After your lab documents each week are graded, it will be returned to the students by the TA/instructor. It is the responsibility of each student to file this graded lab document in the lab binder.


Each student is allowed to interact with other students only in their individually assigned team. Interactions and discussions with students from other teams while responding to assigned questions (for each lab activity) is considered violation of ethical rules for this class. Each student is expected to participate in the team discussions for each lab.

Use of laptops and computers:

Some of the lab activities involve using your own laptops and computers. When such instructor approved activities are approved, students are required to only use the approved software tools during the lab sessions. Students are not allowed to be using Facebook or be involved in any other unapproved web based or any other unapproved lab activity. The instructor reserves the right to assign zero points for that lab activity if a student is involved in unapproved lab activity (web related or otherwise).

Submissions of your individual reports:

Students from the same team can share the data collected, results and other discussion related answers. However, each student is strongly encouraged to write the individual answers to the ‘short questions’ on their own. Students from the same team are allowed to ‘look’ at each other’s answers if they really need to. In such situations, each student is expected to form their own ‘sentences’ and not copy another student’s answer ‘word for word’. You are expected and encouraged to write your own conclusions and answers.

Simply showing up for the lab sessions and writing down the comments of team mates is strongly discouraged. Copying data, results or any answers from any other source (such as previous year’s student binders) is considered violation of class policy.