US IGNITE: A gigabit network and Cyber-Physical framework for Advanced Manufacturing, NSF Computer and Networking Systems

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This research project(fig 1) seeks to achieve significant milestones in the area of Digital Manufacturing and involves developing innovative approaches to create a GENI based cyber physical framework for advanced manufacturing. This Next Internet based framework will enable globally distributed software and manufacturing resources to be accessed from different locations accomplish a complex set of life cycle activities including design analysis, assembly planning, and simulation (fig 2). The advent of the Next Internet holds the promise of ushering in a new era in Information Centric engineering and digital manufacturing activities. The focus will be on the emerging domain of micro devices assembly, which involves the assembly of micron sized parts using automated micro assembly work cells.

Figure 1: A GENI based cyber physical test bed for advanced manufacturing

Figure 2: A Virtual Reality based assembly planning simulator used in the cyber physical test bed