US IGNITE: A gigabit network and Cyber-Physical framework for Advanced Manufacturing, NSF Computer and Networking Systems

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In this NSF project, Dr. Cecil and his students are exploring the design and implementation of an Internet-of-Things (IoT) based cyber physical framework in the context of Industry 4.0 supporting the agile assembly of Micro Devices. Such frameworks hold the potential to facilitate rapid and agile collaborations among distributed engineering partners.  An advanced Test Bed is under development including an array of cyber and physical components which collaborate using cloud based principles and emerging Next Generation GENI Internet technologies. An information centric engineering approach has been adopted to design the cyber physical interactions, which provide a foundation for implementing this cyber physical framework. The cyber modules are capable of assembly planning, path planning, Virtual Reality based assembly simulation and physical command generation. The physical assembly activities are accomplished using micro assembly work cells. An IoT based cyber physical test bed has been created to test and validate the design and implementation aspects of the proposed framework.

Figure 1: A GENI based cyber physical test bed for advanced manufacturing

Figure 2: A Virtual Reality based assembly planning simulator used in the cyber physical test bed