Collaborating Faculty:

Dr. Blayne Mayfield, Eric Chan-Tin and Johnson Thomas (Computer Science)

Dr. Damon Chandler (Electrical Engineering)

Dr. Miguel Pirela-Cruz (Texas Tech Medical Center, El Paso)

Dr. Shelia Kennison(Educational Psychology)

Dr. Mwarumba Mwavita (College of Education)

Dr. Herve Panetto (University of Nancy, France)

Dr. Esma Yahia (ENSAM, Aix En Provence, France)

Dr. H. Cho (POSTECH, South Korea) and Dr. H.C. Lee (Seoul University, South Korea)

Dr. Craig Watters (School of Entrepreneurship, OSU)

Within our center, we have formed a Cyber Learning Group, which focuses on developing innovative teaching approaches with an emphasis on cyber technologies and tools including the use of Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs).