Micro Devices Assembly

At CINBM, our current research focuses on INBM issues in the following subjects of interest:

  1. Micro Devices Assembly
  2. Small Satellite Assembly and Manufacturing
  3. Nano Manipulation and Assembly
  4. Virtual Surgical Environments
  5. Bio Cell Manipulation

Micro Devices Assembly

Figure 1. A view of an automated micro assembly work cell

Another project (funded by NSF) involves the study of gripping and assembly issues involving micron sized devices. Current research is focusing of gripping mechanisms, studying the role of adhesive forces during micro assembly and the creation of INBM frameworks to support the rapid assembly of micro devices. Physical work cells (such as the one shown below) have been created to support the study of micro assembly issues.)

Virtual Reality (VR) based process design environments are also being created to facilitate rapid assembly of micro devices.
Our work also includes design of innovative IT based infrastructures to support this; (eg: a 3 APL based architecture for micro assembly, a semantic web based approach for cell manipulation)

Figure 2. A view of the virtual reality based assembly environment for micro assembly