NSF REU SITE: Research Experiences in Information Centric Engineering (ICE)


NSF REU SITE: Research Experiences in Information Centric Engineering (ICE)

Dr. J. Cecil

REU Duration: 2014- 2020

Currently, we are not accepting any applications for summer 2020. This REU project will end in June 2020; however, this is primarily to support completion of research dissemination activities by past REU students involving presenting papers at conferences. If we receive funds for a new REU project, we plan to accept summer 2020 participants (students). We are requesting interested students to check back in Feb 2020.

Title for the program: NSF REU SITE: Research Experiences in Information Centric Engineering (ICE)
Name of the supporting institution: NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION
Type of institution (undergrad, comprehensive, graduate research, etc.): Comprehensive/Graduate Research (BS, MS and PhD programs)
City: Stillwater
State: Oklahoma
Fields of study covered by program: Information Centric Engineering (ICE) and Digital Manufacturing. Research areas deals with creation of Virtual Reality based engineering and simulation environments for a range of process domains (micro assembly, surgical simulation and space systems).
Start and end dates for the program: Summer 2015, Summer 2016, Summer 2017, Summer 2018, Summer 2019

Amount of stipend provided students: Please contact Dr. Cecil for more information
hours per week: 40 hours (summer)
Application: Please download application using the link at bottom of this page (please email the completed application form to Dr. Cecil)

Application deadlinePlease email Dr. Cecil regarding summer 2020. We will know about a new REU site grant in early spring 2020.

Overview of the program:

The project goal is to introduce engineering/computer science students to research activities in Virtual Reality based simulation in Engineering, Manufacturing and Bio Medical fields.  Information Technology (IT) continues to revolutionize engineering practices worldwide. This Project also encourages students with physical challenges to be exposed to ICE research areas and kindle their interest in IT oriented engineering careers.

Qualifications of applicants to the program: Engineering/ Computer science Majors (restricted to US citizens or permanent residents); programming skills desired (C/C++ or Java). NOTE: Applications are encouraged from students with physical handicaps, women, and minority students. We also accept applications from other students. If you don’t have software or computer skills, you are still encouraged to apply.

Point of Contact: Dr. J. Cecil (j.cecil@okstate.edu)

Food/Housing/Travel Assistance: Apart from a stipend, students will be provided additional financial stipends to support Housing, travel and subsistence expenses. Please contact Dr. Cecil for other details. Please make sure to indicate the nature of your physical handicap in the application (see link below) so that we may provide appropriate assistance.

Please complete this application and email it to j.cecil@okstate.edu

Application file download