Virtual Engineering for Space Systems

In the area of space systems, Dr.Cecil has developed a new course titled ‘Virtual Engineering for Space Systems’. In this unique course, students interact with engineers at NASA Marshall (Huntsville, AL) to design space habitats and systems.  In this course, students are exposed to Virtual Reality based tools and approaches along with other Information Centric Engineering (ICE) approaches to support collaborative engineering methods. A highlight of this class is a visit to NASA Huntsville by the students to present their space system/habitat designs.  Photos below are from this course. This course is part of an interdisciplinary educational initiative at OSU emphasizing space systems education.  Dr. Cecil was part of a team led by Dr. J. Jacob (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering) who were awarded the OSU President’s Cup (Second Prize) for their curriculum innovation involving interdisciplinary activities in space systems.

     Students visiting NASA Marshall                                                Virtual Space Habitat designed by student teams

Recently Fox TV channel (Oklahoma City) carried a news report regarding our educational activities involving our students in the IEM 4373/5373 Virtual Engineering for Space Systems course.

Students created digital 3D mockups using Virtual Reality technology and interacted with NASA engineering (at Marshall Space Flight Center, Huntsville) as part of a semester long class project.  At the end of the semester, our students visited Marshall and presented their Deep Space Habitat design to the NASA engineers. We were excited at NASA’s feedback and want to specially thank David Reynolds and Charles Dischinger at Marshall for their involvement and support of our ongoing educational activities as part of this innovative course.

                       A recording of the report which was televised on Fox

A story about the class of Space System was published in the STATE Magazine Winter 2015 edition and click the following link for more details.