Virtual Surgical Environments

At CINBM, our current research focuses on INBM issues in the following subjects of interest:

  1. Micro Devices Assembly
  2. Small Satellite Assembly and Manufacturing
  3. Nano Manipulation and Assembly
  4. Virtual Surgical Environments
  5. Bio Cell Manipulation

Recent Exploratory Research Directions

Our Center has undertaken exploratory research activities in two areas:

  1. Creation of Virtual Surgical Environments to train surgeons.
  2. Design of Simulation Environments for Homeland Security contexts.

We have continuing interests in the above two areas. Please contact Dr. Cecil ( for inquiries and for more information.

Virtual Surgical Environments:

We have completed a pilot initiative involving the design of virtual environment for micro surgery. An information model has been developed using eEML modeling language. Dr. Miguel Cruz, Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, is collaborating with us on this initiative.