Web-architectures for Extensible, Adaptable and Scalable Manufacturing, NSF CMMI

Revolutionary advances in Information Technology (IT) have fueled the ubiquitous use of the Internet which has rapidly changed the manner in which we work, live and play.  Impact of Internet technologies can be seen in diverse areas of national priority such as health care, energy and public safety. These advances have also promoted e-commerce for cyber shopping, communication and other service markets. However, in the general domain of manufacturing, the adoption of these IT advances has not been widespread due to unique challenges. There is a great need to investigate issues related to web-architectures that can foster an organic, community-involved development of software tools. We are developing a set of set of requirements for protocols and architectures for extensible, adaptable, and scalable manufacturing. Based on these requirements, we are proposing an innovative architecture for collaborative manufacturing context. This architecture will enable enterprise partners (in the broader manufacturing community) to use, modify and adapt existing software tools essential to their own activities but also interface with this web-based architecture so that various manufacturing and related service activities can be realized. Dr. J. Cecil (Oklahoma State University) and Dr. Prasad Calyam (Ohio State University) are collaborating in this interdisciplinary project.